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4th - 6th Grade

Our students enjoy a calm, compassionate, stress-reduced learning environment where students receive individualized academics in a community of peers who respect and encourage each other. 

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The upper elementary years are unique in that students are transitioning from early childhood to more independent, capable, and self-driven learners. These years are a time of huge personal and academic growth; they are also a time where students become acutely aware of their own personal strengths and struggles in school, allowing for confidence to be boosted or destroyed.

While many students in traditional settings are being overcome with loads of homework and excessive pressure (leading to anxiety, stress, and frustration), our students enjoy a highly collaborative, engaging, hands-on curriculum that excites, enhances, and accelerates learning. Our stress-reduced environment offers students opportunities for deep learning, personal investigations, and time to explore concepts at their own pace in a community of eager learners and dedicated teachers who respect and enjoy each other. We set aside the red pen and traditional grading scales to ensure true learning and mastery of skills. 


Upper elementary students attend the same days as our middle school cohort. This grouping allows students at this level to experience some of the independence and new-found maturity they seek, while still being fully supported by teachers who understand that these students are still transitioning from dependent to independent learners and are able to scale assignments accordingly.

Upon arrival, our students enjoy a few minutes to exchange warm greetings with friends, chat casually with teachers, and get settled in for the day. Students then find a cozy place to begin their online math lesson such as a bean bag chair in the community room or at the tables in our teacher-supported math lab.  It is our experience that students actually like to work....especially when they are given the time and independence to do so. This is why we offer short bouts of instruction followed by extended periods where students can delve into meaningful learning experiences that move fluidly between  independent or paired "input" opportunities (researching, reading, watching, etc.) and "output" opportunities (application and practice of of knowledge through computing, writing, , answering, creating, building, etc.). During the last block of the day, students are given the option to participate in "study hall" where they can finish assignments or they can decompress and enjoy time spent socializing with friends!


Each class is followed by an opportunity to decompress through movement, socialization, or a snack break.

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Modern Classroom


 We offer an engaging, dynamic, theme-based curriculum that meets students where they are academically and developmentally. With the exception of math, which uses an online, self-paced platform (read more below), we strive to integrate language arts with rotating science and social studies concepts as this provides opportunities to deepen topical knowledge while adding purpose to skill-based learning through practical application

Using the state standards as a guide, we have meticulously created a 3-year instructional cycle that rotates through all the core concepts traditionally taught in school, but in a sequence that allows for interdisciplinary integration, dynamic and engaging theme-based projects, and increased opportunities for developing students who think deeply, globally, and critically.

In addition to academics, we strive to guide students towards becoming kind, respectful, self-confident, driven, and socially responsible students. 


Math abilities vary dramatically from student to student. Therefore, we use an instructional online math program that offers adaptive and interactive fluency practice, step-by-step video instruction of new concepts with frequent checks for comprehension, a post-lesson concept review, and practice sheets to ensure concept application and mastery. As students work, teachers provide short tutorials as needed and assist and support students with their progress. 


 Using an online program not only allows students to continue their math lessons on home study days, but also allows us to place students in the exact grade and math module that meets their personal challenge point. While some students may be working at a recovery level for concepts missed over the years, other students may be working a year or two ahead.

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Like math, reading and writing are skill-based subjects, and require a substantial amount of individualization. Our program is designed to meet students where they are, while challenging them to progress to their full potential.  Our ELA program is formulated using the Georgia Standards for Excellence as a guide and includes each foundational skill in reading, writing, language, speaking, and listening, while aligning to concepts in Science and Social Studies to deepen authentic learning. Throughout the year, students will read and analyze both informative and literary texts, learn grammar through practical application, and develop organization and structure in their own writing by participating in numerous writing opportunities that span the creative and informative spectrums.



Check out our Reading and Writing Intensive Options Below!


The Power of 5E

Our science curriculum uses the "5 E" model of instruction, a research-based learning method that puts the responsibility for learning in the hands of students. Student questions drive inquiry-based learning and help them to build a scientific skill set through the "5 E's" - Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate.

Science concepts are delivered in a carefully designed 3-year instructional cycle to allow for interdisciplinary integration. We use a curated blend of curriculum such as Kesler Science and Moving Beyond the Page, along with our own  resources, to provide the most  engaging and interactive science program possible.

Science and Social Studies concepts are the basis for our thematic units and are taught on an alternating schedule to allow more time for deeper investigations.

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We believe that Social Studies is so much more than the study of history. Therefore, we integrate meaningful, hands-on explorations in world cultures, geography, conservation, global issues, local and global economics, US history, and more! Similar to our science curriculum, we use an investigative, student-driven learning model where students are challenged to work through questions and concepts  by conducting authentic research and investigation and participating in an array of projects that range from writing experiences to cultural art projects. Our curriculum is carefully curated by our own teachers using an array of quality materials.


Science and Social Studies concepts are the basis for our thematic units and are taught on an alternating schedule to allow more time for deeper investigations.


In addition to our 2-day hybrid program, students may opt to participate in one (or both!) of our 3rd and 4th day Reading Intensive and/or Writing Intensive options. These classes run for 2.5 hours and are paired with teacher-supported time to complete their home study assignments and opportunities for socialization.


For a variety of reasons, students may be in need of intervention and support in reading and/or writing. Whether your student has dysgraphia or dyslexia, or simply experienced learning gaps during their educational journey, your student will benefit from attending these specialized classes. Using structured, research-based programs, students will learn the skills that help fill the gaps to becoming fluent and effective readers and writers. These small-group, tutorial-style classes  are highly individualized to ensure the greatest impact on learning success.


Our Enrichment Intensives are ideal for students looking for acceleration and enrichment in reading and/or writing. Students will enjoy a variety of literature, delving into multiple genres to engage and expand the mind. In the Writing Intensive, students will be challenged to improve their written grammar, structure, organization, and presentation through with a variety of creative and informational "real world" writing experiences such writing journals, articles, stories, poems, and more! These advanced tutorial-style classes will help students prepare for honor-level middle school classes.


In addition to time spent in the Intensives, we offer time and guided support in completing home study work that was assigned during the hybrid classes. 

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Middle School Intensives
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