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3rd - 8th Grade



Tuesdays / Thursday (8:45 - 2:45)

2-Day Academic Hybrid


Mondays (12:30 - 2:45)

Full STEAM Ahead (Science & Stem)

Wednesdays (10:00 - 12:00)

Fundamentals Math Lab (5th - 6th)

Wednesdays (12:30 - 2:45)

Ink & Quill Composition Class (5th - 8th)



Mondays (4:00 - 6:30)

Dungeons & Dragons

Wednesdays (2:45 - 3:45)

High School Spanish 1 for Middle School


Email for Info


Fridays (9:00 - 12:00)

Friday Enrichment


Our students enjoy a small, calm, compassionate, stress-reduced learning environment with a community of peers who respect and encourage each other. Our Upper Hybrid offers a relaxed and balanced schedule that includes instruction in the core subjects (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies), while offering ample social breaks that foster friendships and make learning in a community fun and engaging!  


This hybrid is composed of two cohorts: upper elementary (3rd - 5th grade) and middle school (6th - 8th grade). Our mixed-age programming serves our students well as we are truly able to meet students where they are academically and socially. 

In general, students will work within their age cohort for "content" subject areas such as science, social studies, and literature studies. For skill-based subjects such as reading and math, our mixed-age programming allows us to individualize each student's experience by grouping students in "learning strategy" groups that best meet their needs. See "curriculum" section for further details.

Upper Elementary *3rd - 5th

Our upper elementary program offers students a step forward in their academic journey. Our philosophy to academics at this age is "quality over quantity.' Many programs emphasize heavy work loads and excessive busy work, leading to stress, anxiety and burnout. Our program carefully ties both conceptual learning with skill development to ensure we fulfill the standards, while providing meaningful and engaging assignments that appropriately challenge students, building  not only strong academics, but confidence and self-esteem.


Targeted skill development in grammar, reading, and spelling is fostered through intentional programming using an Orton-Gillingham based approach, and other carefully selected curriculum which allows us to individualize expectations  and work load for each child.

*This cohort uses 4th and 5th grade materials. 3rd graders applying to this cohort must be must be reading and writing well above grade level and should be socially and emotionally mature enough to work effectively with students through 8th grade. "Younger" 3rd graders, or those needing support in learning to read, should consider our primary program.

Middle School 6th - 8th

Personal changes and challenges abound within this unique age-group, which is why, for many students, a small, supportive, community-oriented  environment better supports  overall academic development and mental health than a traditional setting.  Without the external pressures of huge classrooms, endless homework, and all too often, bullying, our students experience boosts in the confidence and self-esteem needed to be successful learners throughout the middle school years. 

Our middle school program focuses on the core values of character, community, collaboration, and conservation. Academically, we meet students where they are, tailoring each student's expectations and work load to meet their personal challenge point and allowing them options for acceleration or recovery. Flexible seating, engaging instruction, hands-on learning, and ample social and enrichment opportunities make learning pleasant and...dare we say...enjoyable!


At EdVentures, we believe in a student-centered approach to learning. While our hybrid programs target core skills, our unique "deep learning" programs are designed to inspire students to learn through hands-on, self-initiated discovery that sparks their creativity and fosters deep investigations. These interest-based classes take deep dives into content areas such as science, creative writing, and math, allowing students to develop knowledge and skills in areas they love.


Our deep learning days are the perfect complement to our academic (core skills) hybrid programs, providing a well-rounded education that helps our students excel in all areas of their lives.

Our Deep Learning offerings can be paired with our hybrid program or as an academic enrichment and socialization opportunity that complements your own academic homeschool program. 


Full day students will enjoy a supervised lunch break followed by an outdoor social period to hang out with friends!


What do 5 E's, STEM Challenges, Inquiry Labs, and an "Escape Room" all have in common? They are all part of our Full STEAM Ahead curriculum! Using the 5E Model of instruction (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate), students will take deep dives into scientific investigations that go beyond the traditional school text book. As a group, they will investigate anchoring phenomenon in life, physical, and earth science concepts. They will participate in exciting labs and STEM challenges, get a little crazy in the kitchen (or maybe outdoors!), and will need to complete an "escape room" review to demonstrate their competency in the subject at hand!


Our Upper Math Lab puts the FUN in FUNdamentals! This class includes a balanced morning of math skills and math enrichment, including: fact fluency using fun games and drills; strengthening 4th -6th grade fundamental math concepts such as division, fractions, decimals, word problems, order of operations, data, measurement, and more; fun problem solving activities and challenges; hands-on math-based projects that involve a variety of mathematical concepts.

This class is an excellent option for older students who need to build fluency or confidence in their 'fundamental' math concepts.


Sharpen your "IQ"...your "Ink and Quill," that is!

This engaging class is designed for students want to explore both the technique and art of skillful writing! Students will work on each of the core essay types (persuasive/argumentative, informational, and narrative). They will also learn to write creative poems, letters, journal articles, and more. This class will help build technical writing skills by honing structural fluency and grammatical proficiency, while expressing personal voice and creativity. Mini-lessons in grammar (sentence structure, parts of speech), widening vocabulary, using graphic organizers, and working through the writing process, will enhance your student's writing ability to ensure success in high school and beyond. Students will also enjoy exploring the "art" of writing through an introduction to cursive, calligraphy, and even scrapbook journaling. In honor of the class name - they will even make their own quill!


Note: Completion of weekly assignments (~30-60 mins) is an expectation in this class.


We offer an array of scheduled and "pop-up" after school enrichment options, including High School Spanish for Middler Schoolers, Dungeons and Dragons, Art, Drama, and more. Check out the A La Carte sign-ups on the home page!


Our Friday enrichment program is a social experience like no other in the area. In this drop-off program, students will enjoy free play with friends, STEM challenges, art, and a selection of guided and student-directed theme-based activities to enjoy. This format allows for students to build deeper social connections than a single-class format and helps to foster a sense of community and belonging. Friday students will also have the opportunity to participate in our annual Kids' Business Bonanza where they create a business and product to sell at our fair!

This program runs on the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Fridays. The 2nd Friday of the month is dedicated to an EdVentures community family field trip! 

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