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2024 - 2025
Upper Elementary Options (3rd - 6th)

Our upper elementary program offers students a step forward in their academic journey. Our philosophy to academics at this age is "quality over quantity.' Many programs emphasize heavy work loads and excessive busy work, leading to stress, anxiety and burnout. Our program carefully ties both conceptual learning with skill development to ensure we fulfill the standards, while providing meaningful and engaging assignments that appropriately challenge students, building  not only strong academics, but confidence and self-esteem. 

We have a range of options spanning one to five days per week, specifically designed for our upper elementary students.  Our program is designed for engaged and interested students who want a small, friendly, individualized learning climate that promotes a quality-over-quantity approach to in-class learning and home study assignments. Our cohorts average 6 - 8 students to ensure a quiet, fun, and productive learning environment. Our students enjoy a balanced schedule that provides outdoor breaks in the morning, lunch, and afternoon. These breaks offer time to decompress; but more importantly, they ensure students have time to develop strong social connections.

Foundations Hybrid
+Reading Support

Tuesday / Thursday (2nd+)
Monday / Wednesday (4th+)
9:00 - 2:00


Our Foundations program is open to all 2nd - 5th graders, but is heavily geared to those needing additional support in reading, writing, and spelling. This highly individualized program offers targeted instruction in reading and spelling proficiency using the Orton Gillingham approach, along with engaging instruction in math, science, and social studies. This program offers a condensed school day, 2 days of home study curriculum, and optional remediation for students with dyslexia and/or dysgraphia.

Upper Hybrid (4th - 6th)
Core Subjects + Socialization

Tuesday / Thursday
8:45 - 2:45


Our Tuesday / Thursday Upper Hybrid offers grade-level instruction in the core skills, including leveled math, ELA, and standards-based units in science and social studies/history. Build-in supports are available for students with dyslexia and dysgraphia.  We offer a wonderfully balanced schedule that engages students in deep learning experiences, while also fostering friendships and socialization during our extended morning and afternoon outdoor breaks.

Friday Learning Lab
2nd - 8th Grade

8:45 - 2:45


Our Friday Learning Lab is an exciting and hands-on academic experience that offers lab-style learning in a fun and relaxed setting. This program pairs well with the M/W or T/TH Hybrids. It can also be used as an interactive and academically social supplement to your own homeschool curriculum. Students enjoy Creative Writing, Math Lab, Science Lab, and Art & Culture!
This is a highlight
your child won't want to miss!

Program Overview


Our students enjoy a small, calm, compassionate, stress-reduced learning environment with a community of peers who respect and encourage each other. We understand that a supportive, community-oriented environment better serves overall academic development and mental health than a traditional setting for many students. We believe in a quality-over-quantity approach and provide opportunties for optimal learning using engaging, multi-sensory approaches across all subjects, for all ages. Our programs boost confidence and self-esteem, and provides students with the academic tools and skills needed to be successful learners now and into adulthood.


We serve neurotypical students and students with mild, non-behavioral learning challenges such as dyscalculia, dyslexia, and dysgraphia. Our expectation is that students are engaged and willing to try their best. Our small environment makes a great choice for students with mild to moderate anxiety and for those who enjoy a quieter, more intimate learning experience.  


We are not equipped to enroll students with disruptive, aggressive, or non-compliant tendencies.


Students in the 4th and 5th grade may select from one to five days of attendance. Scheduling options include:

  • 5 Days: Monday - Friday (M/W Foundations + T/TH Upper Hybrid + Friday Learning Lab)

  • 4 Days: Monday / Wednesday + Tuesday /Thursday

  • 3 Days: Monday / Wednesday + Friday OR Tuesday / Thursday + Friday

  • 2 Days: Monday / Wednesday Foundations OR Tuesday / Thursday Hybrid

Academic Core 4 Hybrid - 4th - 6th - T/TH

Our Tuesday / Thursday Academic "Core 4" Hybrid offers grade-level instruction in the core skills, including leveled math, ELA, and standards-based units in science and social studies/historyWe offer a wonderfully balanced schedule that engages students in deep learning experiences, while also fostering friendships and socialization. New concepts will be introduced and instructed during class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will be reinforced through home study assignments. Students will be grouped by ability in math and reading to ensure they received the academic support they need to thrive.

ELA: The focus of ELA at this level is developing reading and writing skills (fluency, morphology, spelling, vocabulary), grammar, reading comprehension and analysis (passages, novel studies, and informational text), and writing styles (paragraphs and essay types). A dedicated creative writing class is offered during our Friday Learning Lab.


Math: Students will receive leveled math instruction. Math assignments and expectations are individualized to meet each student’s unique abilities. Students receive two days of mandatory home study assignments to ensure they gain mastery of concepts.


Science: Our dynamic science curriculum provides students with a rich introduction to scientific concepts. Students in kindergarten and 1st grade will explore an array of topics from Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physical Sciences, and Earth Science using age-appropriate literature, experiments, and explorations. Following 1st grade, students will take year-long deep-dives into one unit of science. Second graders will explore plants, animals, and biomes their study of the life sciences, while third graders will be fascinated by fossils, geology, and space! Fouth and fifth graders will enjoy a 2-year cycle through chemistry and physics. Each lesson features investigations into anchoring phenomena using the Usborne Children's Encyclopedia and other informational resources. Investigations are followed by hands-on experiments. Documentation of learning is compiled in a personal science journal!

Social Studies / History: Our robust social studies curriculum immerses students in a captivating journey from the dawn of civilization to contemporary events. Each grade level explores a different historical era, introducing ancient cultures, significant global events, diverse world religions, influential figures, and more. Presented in an engaging storybook format, our lessons bring history to life, making the tales of the past both accessible and exciting for students. Each lesson, students enjoy a story, historical lesson, and hands-on activity such as making a pyramid, writing on tablets, or enjoying a homemade medieval treat!

Foundations Program
Core Subjects + Reading/Writing Remediation

The Foundations programs can be taken as a standalone program OR paired with our Academic Hybrid or Friday Learning Lab programs to create a comprehensive 4 or 5 day learning experience. In addition to loving our hands-on approach, students will enjoy a huge spike in self-esteem and confidence as their reading and writing skills improve in a nurturing and supportive program that embraces their strengths while empowering them to overcome their challenges!

Foundations 1: Tuesdays and Thursdays - Ages 7+.

Geared to students with a reading and/or writing level between Kindergarten - 3rd grade. 

Math instructional range: 2nd - 3rd grade

Foundations 2: Mondays and Wednesdays - Ages 9+.

Geared to students with a reading and/or writing level between 2nd - 5th grade.  

Math instructional range: 3rd - 5th grade

A placement assessment is required for students applying to our Foundations Program. 

Our Foundations Program is a specialized cohort that includes instruction in the core subjects, with remediation-level instruction in reading (decoding, fluency, comprehension) and writing (spelling, writing mechanics, and composition). This program is exceptional for struggling readers or writers, and those presenting with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or mild processing disorders.

The core focus of this program is developing reading, spelling, and writing skills through intensive, multisensory instruction using the University of Florida's UFLI curriculum along with teacher-curated resources for literacy enrichment. Grade-level content in science and social studies will be taught through the lens of improving decoding and fluency, developing academic and subject-specific vocabulary, and improving comprehension of informational text, while also including hands-on activities, art, projects, and exciting labs. These subjects will also provide a strong basis for writing and composition opportunities. Math is taught using a mix of hands-on, multisensory learning activities, paired with our dyslexia-friendly math worktext.

The key benefit of our Foundations Program is the intensity of reading and spelling instruction using an Orton Gillingham based approach during the ELA block, along with structured and sequential reading and writing instruction across all subjects. This instructional approach builds knowledge and understanding of phonemic awareness, decoding, encoding, syllabication, and morphology, which is imperative in being able to read everything from simplistic words to complex texts and passages. There will also be a large emphasis on academic vocabulary development, which further enhances reading fluency and comprehension.

Private tutoring options are also available for students who need additional support.

Friday Learning Lab - 4th-5th & 6th-8th

The Friday Learning Lab is designed to pair with our academic hybrid and Foundations programs to create a rounded learning experience. It can also be used as a single-day model for students wanting an interactive class experience to support their own home learning curriculum. Students will LOVE the rotation of hands-on classes listed below, along with extended breaks in our green space for socialization and friendship-building.


Creative Writing

This course encourages students to unleash their inner writer! Students will participate in a variety of creative writing experiences including narratives, story development, genre writing, poetry, "real world" writing (letters, emails, flyers, informational posters, etc). and so much more!

Math FUNdamentals

This hands-on math class will provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to strengthen their mathematical competency in any leveled math program. In addition to building mathematical fluency (math facts), students will enjoy concept units that will review, support, and strengthen concepts they are learning in class. Students will also enjoy problem solving activities and unit-aligned projects.


Science Lab

This lab-style science class will provide hands-on experiences to supplement current science units in our hybrid program. From labs and experiments to engaging STEM challenges, students will LOVE exploring the wonderful world of science!


Art & Culture 

From hands-on map-making to baking some tasty international treats, students will enjoy learning about the geography, cultures, government, art, people, food, music, and economics of our nation and beyond.  


Students are offered extended breaks in the morning and afternoon to ensure they have time to socialize and build friendships!

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