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2024 - 2025
Upper Hybrid (4th - 8th)

Our Upper Hybrid students may attend 1 to 3 days per week. Paired with two days of home study assignments, the 3-day program (T/TH/F) offers a comprehensive learning track, while our 2-day program (T/TH) offers more of an "essentials" learning track. The single-day program (F) should be considered supplemental to your own homeschool curriculum. 

Tuesdays / Thursdays
8:45 - 2:45

Tuesdays and Thursdays offer an "academic essentials' track for students wanting instruction in the core subjects. This program offers 2 days of home study. Paired with Fridays, students receive a comprehensive learning experience.

Reading Strategies
Writing Strategies
Spelling / Morphology
Social Studies (1st Semester)
Science (2nd Semester)


8:45 - 2:45

This full-day program may be  paired with the T/TH to create a comprehensive educational experience, or taken individually as a supplement to your own homeschool curriculum.

Literature Studies
Writing & Composition
Art & Culture
Hands-on STEAM
Fun Fridays

Program Overview


Students in Upper Hybrid program may select from one to three days of attendance. Our three-day program (T/TH/F) offers a comprehensive learning experience, with three days of in-class learning and two days of "relaxed" home study curriculum. Tuesdays and Thursdays offer academic essentials in the core skills, including leveled math, ELA, and standards-based units in science and social studies. The ELA component on these days focus on skill-building, and includes engaging instruction in reading strategies (vocabulary acquisition, fluency, comprehension, understanding story structure, etc.), effective writing strategies (formulating paragraphs, essay-writing, grammar usage, application of figurative language, etc.), along with direct instruction in grammar, phonics/spelling (4th-6th), and morphology (6th-8th). Fridays offer additional math instruction, expanded learning in literature studies, composition (all essay types), creative writing, and applied learning (hands-on projects) in science, art, and culture that support the current units in the core learning program.



This hybrid is composed of two cohorts: upper elementary (4rd - 6th grade) and middle school (6th - 8th grade). Our Upper Hybrid offers a relaxed and balanced schedule that includes instruction in the core subjects (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies), while offering ample social breaks that foster strong friendships and make learning within a community fun and engaging!  Our mixed-age programming serves our students well as we are truly able to meet students where they are academically and socially. 



Our students enjoy a small, calm, compassionate, stress-reduced learning environment with a community of peers who respect and encourage each other. We understand that a supportive, community-oriented environment better serves overall academic development and mental health than a traditional setting for many students. We believe in a quality-over-quantity approach and provide opportunties for optimal learning using engaging, multi-sensory approaches across all subjects, for all ages. Our programs boost confidence and self-esteem, and provide students with the academic tools and skills needed to be successful learners now and into adulthood.


We serve neurotypical students and students with specific learning challenges such as anxiety, dyslexia, hyperlexia, dysgraphia. We provide individual accommodations that empower students to succeed academically, across all subjects. We are not equipped to enroll students with behavioral challenges.


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Upper Elementary 4th - 6th

Our upper elementary program offers students a step forward in their academic journey. Our philosophy to academics at this age is "quality over quantity.' Many programs emphasize heavy work loads and excessive busy work, leading to stress, anxiety and burnout. Our program carefully ties both conceptual learning with skill development to ensure we fulfill the standards, while providing meaningful and engaging assignments that appropriately challenge students, building  not only strong academics, but confidence and self-esteem. 

4th/5th Grade Placement:

While relaxed in nature, this program moves at a much faster pace and requires more working stamina than our lower elementary 4th/5th cohort. Students placed in this program should be reading and writing at, or above, the 4th grade level. Students who struggle with reading and/or writing, or who have less stamina for extended work periods, will be placed in our lower elementary cohort, which offers a shorter day, extended breaks, and explicit instruction in reading, writing, and spelling using an Orton Gillingham approach.

Middle School 6th - 8th

Personal changes and challenges abound within this unique age-group, which is why, for many students, a small, supportive, community-oriented  environment better supports  overall academic development and mental health than a traditional setting.  Without the external pressures of huge classrooms, endless homework, and all too often, bullying, our students experience boosts in the confidence and self-esteem needed to be successful learners throughout the middle school years. 

Our middle school program focuses on the core values of character, community, collaboration, and conservation. Academically, we meet students where they are, tailoring each student's expectations and work load to meet their personal challenge point and allowing them options for acceleration or recovery. Flexible seating, engaging instruction, hands-on learning, and ample social and enrichment opportunities make learning pleasant and...dare we say...enjoyable!

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