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Homeschool Coaching

In this 4 day LIVE workshop, you will learn all the basics of getting your homeschool up and running. By the end of the week, you will be able to start your homeschool with passion, purpose, and a well laid out plan!




...being able to start your homeschool with confidence, purpose, and passion in just a few short days! It is possible if you break down your planning into a few simple steps.

Starting a homeschool can seem so overwhelming! There are so many questions and it seems there are always 5 different answers to each one of them! Is homeschooling legal? Do I need accreditation? Will I break my kids? Will they be ready for their future? Can they return to public school if we don't like homeschooling? What curriculum should I use? Do I need to spend a fortune on supplies? How do they graduate? Who makes their diploma? Will they get into college?

So where do you start? Start here!


In this 4 day live series, you will learn all the basics of getting started. AND, with the templates and resources offered each day, you could be up and running by the end of the week!





Writing & Filing Your State's Notice of Intent


Notifying your state or school district of your intent to homeschool is the first step in legally starting your school and withdrawing your child. Only a handful of states do not require notification and many require notarized affidavits. In this pre-workshop session, we will review state laws and draft your Notice of Intent so you stay compliant with state laws and avoid getting in "trouble" with the state!

Day 1 (Monday): 180 Days and HOW MANY Hours?!?!?


While each state has their own requirements regarding the number of days and hours your students are supposed to be "in school," many states have little to no requirements, but the standard runs about 180 days at 4.5 hours per day. But do you need to be buried in books that whole time? NO!


In this session, you will learn what counts as "instructional" time and you will learn how to plan a daily schedule that includes time for structured curriculum while also including time for personal interest, enrichment activities, engaging explorations, and building a passion for learning beyond worksheets.


By the end of the day, you will have planned out your yearly calendar, penciled in holidays and vacations, scheduled days for enrichment activities such as field trips or community classes, and set up a daily schedule that complies with state regulations while integrating the unique needs and desires of your family.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Subjects and Standards


What subjects are you required to teach (each state has their own policies) and how do you know “what” to teach in each subject ? Today we will investigate the core subjects you may want (or need) to teach in elementary/middle school AND the unique requirements of homeschooling high schoolers. 

You will learn where to find the state standards for each subjects and how to determine graduation requirements for your student. 

We will review a variety of methods for teaching each subject (hint: not everything needs to be taught from a text book!), creating your own interest-driven electives, and options for outsourcing instruction in subjects you may not want to teach yourself.

Day 3 (Wednesday): Grading & Reporting


Grading, summaries, report cards, portfolios, & transcripts...oh my! In today's session, we will cover best practices when it comes to assessing, recording, reporting, and demonstrating student progress. We will cover the concept of content "mastery" (do you really need a red pen?), how to "grade" assignments, what to put in the grade book, writing report cards, writing a transcript, and maintaining a portfolio.


You will receive a template for a fully-integrated grade book that not only tracks your child's grades per subject, but also generates a customized report card! You will also get access to templates for writing a year -end summary as well as creative ideas for presenting your child's progress through a portfolio.

Day 4 (Thursday): Your Approach & Curriculum


Finally! It's time to hone in on your educational approach and choose the curriculum that best suits the needs and style of your family. In this session, you will learn to evaluate and assess curriculum options to ensure they align to your purpose, support your child's learning style, and provide a solid and enriching educational experience for your child. 


To narrow down your search, you will answer questions such as whether you want a hands-on approach or text book and worksheets; standards-based or eclectic; independent work or parent-directed; online integration or completely offline; secular or faith based, etc. AND you will my Quick Pick Curriculum List which will help narrow down your options and save you HOURS of searching for the "right" curriculum. 

BONUS (Day TBD): Teaching the Standards Without Breaking the Bank! 


You don't need an expensive open-and-go curriculum to make sure your child learns age-appropriate standards. Creating your own curriculum using the state standards as a guideline is a great way to customize your child's education to meet his/her specific needs and allows you the flexibility to be as creative, engaging, and hands-on as you'd like! You will receive a lesson planning template to organize you ideas and plan your lessons based on the standards for each subject. The date of this class is TBD.

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Presented by Kristin Perez

Kristin Perez is a lifelong educator who has spent 20+ years serving families in public, private, and home education. After 10 years in educational leadership, she is now coaching new parents on their homeschool journey and consulting with educators who want to start a home day care or co-op!

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