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2024 - 2025
Middle School Hybrid (6th - 8th Grade)

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We believe in fostering a supportive environment that values balance and well-being alongside academic achievement. Unlike traditional programs that pile on the workload, our approach emphasizes a healthy mix of direct instruction, group learning, independent assignments, and theme-based projects.  We understand that middle school can be a time of transition and growth, so we prioritize creating space for students to explore their interests, engage in hands-on activities, and develop essential skills at their own pace. With a focus on meaningful learning experiences rather than endless assignments, our program aims to cultivate a sense of curiosity, creativity, and joy in every student. Students in our middle school program may attend 1, 2, or three days per week. 


Our program is designed for engaged and interested students who want a small, friendly, individualized learning climate that promotes a quality-over-quantity approach to learning, while still meeting the standards and building working stamina in preparation for high school. Our cohorts average 6 - 8 students to ensure a quiet, fun, and productive learning environment. Our students enjoy a balanced schedule that provides outdoor breaks in the morning, lunch, and afternoon. These breaks offer time to decompress; but more importantly, they ensure students have time to develop strong social connections and a sense of community.

Middle School Hybrid (6th - 8th)

Tuesday / Thursday
8:45 - 2:45

Our Tuesday / Thursday Middle School Hybrid is hosted by Weatherstone Academy and offers instruction in the core skills, including leveled math, ELA, and standards-based units in science and social studies. Our program is adaptive and instruction is individualized to meet the needs of our current group. We specialize in reading and writing, offering a strong ELA curriculum that focuses on the ability to read and understand informational text through a robust vocabulary-driven curriculum that includes spelling and morphology. Students also build analytical skills through engaging novel studies. Writing is also at the forefront of our ELA program, focusing on strong sentence structure, summaries, and writing strong essays. We offer three math tracks: foundations, standard, and accelerated, which helps develop mastery and boosts mathematical confidence. Our wonderfully balanced schedule engages students in deep learning experiences, while also fostering friendships and socialization.

Friday Learning Lab

8:45 - 2:45

Our Middle School Learning Lab  is hosted at EdVentures and offers a dynamic extension to the Middle School Hybrid, creating a comprehensive learning experience. This program can also be taken as an interactive and academically social supplement to your own homeschool program. Our Friday Learning Lab includes four engaging academic courses:
Math FUNdations: This class helps to strengthen mathematical fluency, skills, and concepts in an engaging, hands-on, and supportive format.
Compose and Create: This class sparks creativity and focuses on developing creative writing skills through narratives, storytelling, poetry, and more!
Spectacular Science: This STEM lab offers students the opportunity to strengthen scientific skills through hands-on labs that align to current in-class science units, along with engaging STEM challenges. 
Our Nation, Our World: Students will LOVE learning about other cultures through traditional games, crafts, cooking, art, and more.


Program Overview


Our students enjoy a small, supportive, stress-reduced learning environment with a community of peers who respect and encourage each other. We understand that a supportive, community-oriented environment better serves overall academic development and mental health than a traditional setting for many students. We believe in a quality-over-quantity approach and offer individualization in the amount of work you would like your child to do each week. Our programs boost confidence and self-esteem, and provide students with the academic tools and skills needed to be successful learners now and into adulthood.


We serve neurotypical students, but welcome students with mild learning challenges such as anxiety, dyslexia, hyperlexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADD, or very high functioning autism. Our relaxed and individualized style allows us to provide accommodations that empower students to succeed academically, across all subjects. We are not equipped to enroll students with significant learning challenges or disruptive or aggressive tendencies, or behavioral challenges.


Students in Middle School may select from one to three days of attendance. Scheduling options include:

  • 3 Days: Tuesday / Thursday (at Weatherstone) + Friday (at EdVentures)

  • 2 Days: Tuesday / Thursday (at Weatherstone)

Middle School Hybrid (T/TH)

Our Tuesday / Thursday Upper Hybrid offers instruction in the core skills, including leveled math, ELA, and standards-based units in science and social studiesWe offer a wonderfully balanced schedule that engages students in deep learning experiences, while also fostering friendships and socialization. New concepts will be introduced and instructed during class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will be reinforced through home study assignments.

ELA Focus: Developing reading skills in literature and informational text (analyzing craft and structure; increasing range of complexity; integrating knowledge and ideas, determining key ideas and details); building writing skills (use of language, spelling, morphology, grammar); and learning to write eloquently with purpose and passion (essay types: informational, narrative, persuasive, etc.).

Math: Students will receive engaging and interactive instruction in middle school math concepts. Concepts will be delivered as units and will be individualized to meet student needs. Our math class is generally broken into three components: individualized spiral review, building strong fluency, and instruction of new concepts. Home study curriculum will support your student's individual ability in math. We offer three worktext options for home study: math foundations for students needing support in core concepts and standards-based math for students working at or above grade level. Our accelerated curriculum prompts deeper dives into concepts and includes rigorous problem solving opportunities.

Science & Social Studies: Science and social studies are taught using a teacher-curated curriculum that includes reading, research, multi-media presentations, and projects. Labs and deep-learning are offered on Fridays. We use a 3-year rotational model to work through the state standards to ensure that students have learned recommended concepts by the time they complete three years with us.

Friday Learning Lab (Lab-style learning in the core subjects!)

The Friday Learning Lab is an excellent addition to the  T/TH program as it provides a rounded and comprehensive learning experience. Learning Lab may also be used as a single-day model for students wanting an interactive class experience to support their own home learning curriculum.

ELA Focus: Creative Writing & Composition (grammar, creative writing, practical projects, narratives, poetry, editing.).


Math:  This foundational math class will provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to strengthen their mathematical competency in any leveled math program, along with a strong emphasis on building mathematical fluency. This program will mirror academic units in our Tuesday / Thursday hybrid, adding depth, understanding, and confidence to their math learning experience. Practical and hands-on mathematical projects in geometry, fractions, graphing, etc. will also be included in this math experience.


STEM Lab: This lab-style science class will provide hands-on experiences to supplement current science units in our hybrid program. From labs and experiments to engaging STEM challenges, students will LOVE exploring the wonderful world of science!


Our Nation, Our World:  In this culturally-focused social studies class, students will develop historical, geographic, governmental, and economic understandings of our own state and nation, and will then extend learning to a variety of countries around our world. Students will participate in a variety of fun activities to support learning such as cooking, art, projects, and even learning a little of the language from their country of choice! The year concludes with a final unit in economics. Students will learn to create their own business concept, develop a product, and participate in our annual business bonanza!

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