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2024 - 2025


All programs at EdVentures foster self-confidence, creativity, and a love for learning by prioritizing a relaxed and engaging atmosphere that minimizes stress, and promotes productive learning, critical thinking, and creativity. While we teach core skills and standards in our hybrid programs, we have a quality-over-quantity approach and believe students learn best when they are engaged and appropriately challenged. Our curriculum embraces a dynamic, multi-sensory approach across all subjects. Recognizing the significance of breaks and socialization, our students enjoy a 30-minute outdoor play break in the morning, complemented by a generous hour-long break for lunch and outdoor recess.



Core 4 - Mandated Subjects
Mondays / Wednesdays

Kinder - 3rd Grade

Our Monday/Wednesday hybrid program offers engaging and interactive instruction in the "Core 4" subjects, including leveled math and an ELA emphasis on learning to read, write, and spell effectively using an OG approach. Standards-aligned instruction in science and social studies is provided in the afternoons. These two days meet GA requirements for "providing instruction" in the core subjects. 

 Fridays - Learn & Play
Kindergarten / 1st

Learn and Play provides a developmentally appropriate 'soft start' to early academics. This program features a balance of guided instruction in reading and math, along with play-based learning centers, story time, and ample unstructured play time indoors and out in our beautiful green space! Learn and Play may be added to the M/W Primary Hybrid or may be taken as a standalone program to complement your own home learning.

Hybrid Extension Program
Tuesdays / Thursdays
Kinder - 3rd Grade

Our Tuesday and Thursday hybrid is a smaller, more intimate, mixed-age program that creates a comprehensive 4-day academic program when paired with our Core 4 hybrid, or a 5-day program when you add the Friday Learning Lab! It may also be taken as a 2-day standalone. The emphasis in this program is critical thinking and creativity through math, literature studies, creative writing, STEAM, art, and culture.

Third graders have the option of joining our T/Th Foundations Hybrid.

Friday Learning Lab
2nd / 3rd Grade

Our Friday Learning Lab program is a dynamic and hands-on academic program that can be taken as an addition to our hybrid programs OR as a standalone option. Our Friday Learning Lab program includes rotations in the following classes, along with ample outdoor breaks!

Math FUNdations (Fun with Fluency)

Mad Science (Science Lab)

Compose & Create (Creative Writing)

Art Masters (Art)

Core Skills & Standards

Each morning, students in our hybrid programs receive engaging instruction in the "core skills" of reading, language arts, and math. Content-based subjects such as science and social studies, plus deep learning enrichment such as STEM Art & Culture are offered in the afternoons. See our schedule below for full details!

Critical Thinking & Creativity

We offer an abundance of opportunities to develop creativity and critical thinking, skills. From analyzing literature, to participating in STEAM activities, or building a fort in our "forest," our students learn to model, create, construct, write with purpose, become an entrepreneur, and so much more!

Reading Instruction

We specialize in reading!
Our Orton Gillingham based approach provides explicit, sequential, multi-sensory instruction to help students learn to read, spell, and write effectively! OG reading instruction is included in all of our hybrid programming K - 5th grade. We also offer small group literacy intensives and private tutoring options.


Families can select a schedule that works best for their student, allowing flexibility and customization in your homeschooling journey.


All of our lower hybrid classes are drop-off and operate 9:00 - 2:00. Extended hours are available Monday through Thursday until 4:00. Learn and Play offers a half-day and full-day option (9:00 - 12:00 or 9:00 - 2:00)


Our students enjoy a small, calm, compassionate, stress-reduced learning environment with a community of peers who respect and encourage each other. We understand that a supportive, community-oriented environment better serves overall academic development and mental health than a traditional setting for many students. We believe in a quality-over-quantity approach and we provide opportunties for optimal learning using engaging, multi-sensory approaches across all subjects, for all ages. Our programs boost confidence and self-esteem, and provides students with the academic tools and skills needed to be successful learners.


We serve neurotypical students and students with specific learning challenges such as dyscalculia, dyslexia, and dysgraphia. Our expectation is that students are willing and active participants who are excited to learn. Students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to do their best. Our small environment makes a great choice for students with mild to moderate anxiety.  We are not equipped to enroll students with disruptive, aggressive, and/or non-compliant tendencies.



5 Days - Monday through Thursday Hybrid + Learning & Play or Friday Learning Lab

Days - Monday through Thursday Hybrid

3 Days - M/W/F or T/TH/F

2 Days - M/W or T/TH

1 Day -  Learn & Play or Friday Learning Lab

Primary Cohorts (K - 3rd)

This is a mixed-age program; as such, students will enjoy, and benefit from, interactions with all students throughout the day. Shared experiences include Community Time, recess, lunch, story time, special projects, etc. For skills-based subjects such as reading and math, students will be divided into ability-based sub-groups to ensure they receive appropriately-targeted instruction. Content-based subjects are taught as in age-based sub-groups.


Home Study Curriculum

Students in the Monday/Wednesday program will receive two days of home study curriculum. Assignments will be adapted for students who attend more than 2 days. Aside from math, we do not offer Home Study assignments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Satisfying GA Instructional Requirements

The state of GA requires students receive "instruction in the core subjects of Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies." Attending the M/W or T/TH satisfies this requirement. While GA does not require homeschoolers to follow state educational standards, we do offer standards-supportive instruction in all subjects. 

*Core skills include *math, reading, phonics, writing, spelling, and grammar. 

Core 4



Math instruction is carried through the week, from Monday through Thursday, and students will complete home study assignments on the days they do not attend. In class, we use a carefully curated mix of math resources and curriculum to ensure students receive the instruction they need to thrive. Students enjoy a daily mix of hands-on fluency work and math games, spiral reviews, and then teacher-directed instruction and/or computer-based learning for new concepts. Students are provided with a math worktext for home study to solidify mastery of each concept.

ELA Focus: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Fluency, and Comprehension

Each ELA block includes two segments: reading and writing strategies and language artsThe ELA focus on in the Core 4 program is learning to read, write, and spell with confidence. We use a multisensory Orton Gillingham approach to teach phonological awareness, decoding, and encoding. The Building Writers Program (Learning Without Tears) offers enjoyable introductions to developing writing skills. Literature and comprehension are tied to our robust social studies curriculum, introducing students to stories, fables, myths, legends, poetry, and more from around the world! Students participating in our Tuesday and Thursday extension program deepen comprehension and creative writing skills through theme-based literature studies, reader's theater, high-interest informational texts, etc. 


Our dynamic science curriculum provides students with a rich introduction to scientific concepts. Students in kindergarten and 1st grade will explore an array of topics from Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physical Sciences, and Earth Science using age-appropriate literature, experiments, and explorations. Following 1st grade, students will take year-long deep-dives into one unit of science. Second graders will explore plants, animals, and biomes their study of the life sciences, while third graders will be fascinated by fossils, geology, and space! Fouth and fifth graders will enjoy a 2-year cycle through chemistry and physics. Each lesson features investigations into anchoring phenomena using the Usborne Children's Encyclopedia and other informational resources. Investigations are followed by hands-on experiments. Documentation of learning is compiled in a personal science journal!

Social Studies

Our robust social studies curriculum immerses students in a captivating journey from the dawn of civilization to contemporary events. Each grade level explores a different historical era, introducing ancient cultures, significant global events, diverse world religions, influential figures, and more. Presented in an engaging storybook format, our lessons bring history to life, making the tales of the past both accessible and exciting for students. Each lesson, students enjoy a story, historical lesson, and hands-on activity such as making a pyramid, writing on tablets, or enjoying a homemade medieval treat!

Deep Learning



Students enjoy a daily mix of hands-on fluency work, math games, spiral reviews, and primary math unit studies including number operations, fractions, geometry, measurement, money, time, and more. 

ELA Focus: Learning Through Literature & Composition

Each ELA block includes two segments: reading and writing strategies and language arts. The ELA focus on Tuesdays is "Learning Through Literature," which includes reading to comprehend, understand, analyze, and synthesize literature and informational text. Students will enjoy literature-related activities such as listening to exciting stories and tales, literature-circles (discussions), reader’s theater, response journals, story structure activities, craftivities, games, and more! 


Our STEAM-centered afternoons add depth to the science units introduced in the M/W program, while also adding exciting STEAM activities that rotate through a selection of topic-related experiments, labs, art projects, engineering and construction challenges, and more. Toss the textbook - this block is hands-on FUN!



Math instruction is carried through the week, from Monday through Thursday, and students will complete home study assignments on the days they do not attend. In class, we use a carefully curated mix of math resources and curriculum to ensure students receive the instruction they need to thrive. Students enjoy a daily mix of hands-on fluency work and math games, spiral reviews, and then teacher-directed instruction and/or computer-based learning for new concepts. 

ELA Focus: Learning through Literature (Composition)

Each ELA block includes two segments: reading and writing strategies and language arts. The ELA focus on Thursdays is age-appropriate writing and composition. Grammar and spelling concepts will be integrated and reinforced as students learn to write in a variety of formats through Writer’s Workshop, real-world writing activities such as writing letters to friends, menus for our own restaurant, or advertisements, informational writing, stories, etc.


Art & Culture

Our afternoons build on current social studies units from the Monday/Wednesday program, adding significant depth through hands-on engagement. Students will enjoy art lessons, cultural studies, cooking projects, and more!

FRIDAY LEARN & PLAY (Kinder - 1st Grade)

Learn & Play

Learn and Play is a fun and engaging program designed specifically for 5 or 6 year olds! This program features a balance of guided instruction in reading (OG approach) and math, plus theme-based activities that include arts and crafts, story time, literature craftivities, STEAM challenges, and ample unstructured play time to develop social connections indoors and outdoors in our beautiful green space! Students may attend half or full day. This program may be paired with our Monday/Wednesday hybrid for a 3-day learning experience.





Half Day - 9:00 - 12:30

Full Day - 9:00 - 2:00

Programming - What's in a Day?

Each morning provides a mix guided of instruction, engaging  theme-based learning centers and activities, and unstructured free play.


Reading: We use a multisensory, Orton Gillingham approach for our reading curriculum. This program develops phonemic awareness, handwriting, decoding, and spelling. All students will participate in this learning block.

Math: We use a hands-on approach to teach math concepts. Math instruction will include games, stories, manipulatives, arts and crafts, purposeful practice pages, cooking, and more! Note that this block serves to reinforce your homeschool math curriculum and should not be considered complete curriculum.

Sample Schedule (Actual Schedule May Vary)

9:00 - 9:30 - Free Play and Table Activities

9:30 - 9:45 - Circle Time

9:45 - 10:30 - Reading & Literacy Centers

10:30 - 11:15 - Snack and Outdoor Play

11:15 - 11:30 - Songs & Story Time

11:30- 12:15 - Math & Numeracy Centers

12:15 - 12:30 - Morning Closing

12:30 - 1:15 - Lunch & Outdoor Play

1:15 - 1:45 - Maker Space, Art, STEM Lab, etc.

1:45 - 2:00 - Afternoon Closing

Home Study Curriculum

Students in this program will receive approximately 30 minutes home study assignments to reinforce math and phonics concepts. This is optional, but recommended. 

Satisfying GA Instructional Requirements

Kindergarten is not required in the state of Georgia. A Declaration of Intent must be filed the year your child is 6 by September 1st. If your child has turned 6 by September 1, please submit your DOI.



Our Friday Learning Lab boasts a fun-filled day of hands-on academic learning and socialization. Students will enjoy a rotation of classes including Math FUNdations, Creative & Real-World Writing, Science Lab, and Art. Our Friday Learning Lab classes are designed to pair with our hybrid programs as the instruction supports mid-week learning, but they can also be taken a la carte as a supplement to your homeschool curriculum. Students also enjoy an extended morning and afternoon break in our outdoor greenspace to allow for plenty of socialization and friendship-building. 





Full Day - 8:45 - 2:45

Programming - What's in a Day?

 This high-interest, hands-on learning experience is the highlight of the week for those who love learning! Each Friday, students in this age group will enjoy math and composition, and a rotating schedule of art and science.​

Math FUNdations: The focus of this class is math fact fluency, with an emphasis on multiplication and division. Through games and hands-on activities, students will have a blast becoming quick and proficient in their math facts. Students will also enjoy a variety of math projects and mathtivities, ranging from building geometric cities to baking a cake!

Compose and Create: This creative writing class will spark a love for writing as students explore the process of writing creatively through narratives, stories, genre writing, poetry, and real-world writing like creating posters, flyers, letters, emails, and so much more! 

Mad Science: From kitchen chemistry to extracting DNA from a strawberry, students will be fascinated by the scientific phenomenons presented in this hands-on, lab-style science class! 

Art & World Cultures: This is the highlight of the day! Students will LOVE learning about a new culture each month through weekly games, crafts, art, cooking projects, and so much more!

Home Study Curriculum

There is no home study offered in this program, though parents are encouraged to support thematic learning through home-based investigations, videos, books, etc. to increase interest!

Engage & Explore


Georgia law requires that all homeschooling families submit an annual Declaration of Intent to Homeschool. Parents must provide their learner with instruction in four core subjects of ELA, math, science, and social studies. Students must receive 4.5 hours of learning opportunities for 180 days per year. There are no mandated instructional hours or standards in any given subject, nor are there any mandatory graduation requirements for homeschoolers aside from being 16 years old. Students must take a standardized test every three years (starting in 3rd grade) and families must write an annual progress summary. While the law provides a lot of liberties to homeschoolers, most families seeking our services generally want their child to receive quality, standards-aligned instruction in the core subjects in a relaxed, hands-on, creative setting that embraces the experience of family and childhood, while fostering independence, creativity, critical thinking, friendships, a sense of community, and self-confidence.

It is important to note that only the 5-day track meets the instructional hours requirement, meaning families must continue the learning process at home. Home learning can include our supplied home study curriculum (C4 program only), enrichment classes, or any other learning activities such as field trips, sports, cooking, reading, music lessons, language classes, reading activities, science experiments, etc. Both the Core 4 and Deep Learning programs offer instruction in the mandated subjects. The Core 4 program aligns to Georgia Standards for Excellence, while the Deep Learning programs support the standards in a more broad-scope fashion. 


Students enrolled in our Core 4 program will receive 2 days of home study, mid-year conferences,

and an annual progress summary. We do not currently offer standardized testing.

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