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EdVentures is a learning pod program for homeschooling families or those looking for an alternate education model. We offer an academic hybrid program, Friday enrichment program, enrichment classes, community field trips, and more!


Our learners are eager, engaged, and enjoy participating in the learning process. They enjoy a peaceful working climate that supports deep learning. Our learners enjoy a mix of both independent work and collaboration with classmates. Our learners respect that each of their classmates possess a unique set of strengths and gifts, along with their own opportunities for growth...and they support each other in reaching their academic goals.


Our flexible curriculum allows us to accommodate learners who are at grade-level, gifted/accelerated, or who require mild academic recovery in one subject or another. Many of our families seek us out for our smaller, more intimate, stress-reduced learning environment, while others love that we can individualize academics and the daily work load to suit their gifts or needs (i.e dyslexia, dysgraphia, anxiety, learning gaps, recovery from past school trauma/bullying, etc.). We are not equipped to handle students with disruptive, aggressive, or behavioral challenges of any kind.



Our signature program is a hybrid learning experience where students enjoy 2 days of in-class instruction learning the required "core 4" subjects (Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies). Our teachers truly understand how to maintain a "quality over quantity" approach to academics and provide lessons that are stimulating, engaging, conversational, and filled with opportunties for creativity and critical thinking. Hybrid families also receive 2 days of program-provided "Home Study" curriculum to fulfill grade-level requirements in the core subjects. Home Study curriculum averages about 2 hours for younger students and 3 or 4 hours for middle school students on Home Study days (2x per week), leaving ample time to pursue personal interests or enjoy family time. Again, we value "quality over quantity," and thus we take strides to ensure that Home Study curriculum is purposeful and supports the overall learning experience. 

Our approach allows students to pace themselves as needed to find their personal challenge point. Our theme-based curriculum focuses on the tenets of deeply respecting and understanding our environment and nature, building community through meaningful human connections, and respecting the beautiful array of people and cultures in our country and beyond. Our curriculum is a unique blend of our own resources and carefully selected commercial curriculum to create a dynamic, engaging, hands-on, literature-rich, creative program that inspires and excites learning.

Our academic hybrid pods are ideal for families looking for added structure and support with academic instruction, a strong social network outside the home, a community of AMAZING kids, as well as oodles of social enrichment opportunities! 



While our hybrid pods are multi-aged, students are broken down into cohorts of around 8 students for small group learning. These cohorts are somewhat fluid as they flex to meet the developmental and/or academic needs of each child. For instance, a child might be placed in the 3rd/4th grade cohort for most academic and social opportunities, but could work in an advanced or supportive/recovery cohort for math. 


Our Friday Enrichment Pod is a social and enrichment experience like no other in the area. In this three-hour drop-off program, students enjoy a revolving selection of interest-based electives, large and small group activities, games, art, free play, and more. This format allows for students to build deeper social connections than a single-class format and helps to foster a sense of community and belonging. 



Our sweet Learn and Play Pod focuses on nurturing the the whole child. Kindergarten programs have become progressively academic, causing undue pressure and stress on young learners, and leading to anxiety, tension, behavioral issues, and even academic distress. This program is wonderful for students doing a "bonus" year of pre-k ("transitional kindergarten") or Kinder/1st graders wanting a social enrichment that that reinforces basic academics taught at home.

We believe that students are creative and competent learners who should have the opportunity to learn for mastery, being gently guided towards deep understanding, rather than feeling restrained by the fear of making a mistake or receiving a poor grade. Learning is life...and we learn by working through mistakes...not by being judged by them in the traditional "red pen approach. 


Our program believes that social development, fostering friendships, establishing independence, developing fine motor skills, and learning through engaging, hands-on, developmentally appropriate methods creates happy, inspired, and successful learners. As such we fluidly integrate age-appropriate academics using investigative, hands-on experiences. Our schedule is a balance of child-directed, teacher supported, and teacher-led experiences. 


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