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FRIDAYS 8:45 - 2:45
Algebra 1, English 1, Biology, and Geography

Our full day high school program is designed for students desiring in-person instruction in the mandated subjects in an individualized, relaxed, and stress-reduced setting. This hybrid model pairs in-person lessons with home study assignments to ensure students receive a comprehensive curriculum in each subject. Students may opt for the ‘standard’ or ‘honors’ track based their academic goals. More information is offered below.

For 2024 - 2025, we are offering first year "Core 4" courses only. This program is open to 9th graders, accelerated 8th graders, or 10th graders needing first year credits.


Our students enjoy a relaxed, but productive learning environment with a community of peers who respect and encourage each other. Our classes are very small, ranging from 6 - 8 students, to ensure maximal learning. Degreed teachers offer a quality-over-quantity approach, targeting essential concepts and expanding learning through

labs, experiments, projects, and engaging hands-on activities. While our curriculum and expectations and be adapted to meet the needs of individual learners, our expectation is that all students come to class prepared and ready to learn.


Currently, our program is designed as a full day program for students who want a single-day hybrid model, leaving room for independent study, personal interests, sports, etc. during the week.  These standards-based classes will be taught using a blend of in-person instruction, textbook readings, multi-media learning, and home study assignments. Each in-person class will offer: a review of previous learning to address questions and review homework; an introduction of new content; and hands-on application of skills through writing assignments, experiments, and projects. To ensure comprehensive coverage of course standards, students will be expected to complete approximately 2 hours of home study assignments per class, per week.


We empower our teachers to curate their own standards-aligned curriculum to meet both the needs of their learners and the intricacies of a single-day hybrid model. The curriculum will generally be a mix of multi-media, presentations, reading and research, hands-on projects, and an anchor text. Each teacher will select, prepare, and deliver a comprehensive curriculum and will provide a syllabus and scope and sequence at the beginning of the year for students to follow. Projects and deadlines will be outlined on the syllabus to ensure students are prepared and organized.


Our classes provide curriculum and instruction that is based on the Georgia Standards for Excellence. 

While core instruction will be geared to grade-level standards, assignments and expectations can be adapted to meet the needs of individual learners, including accommodations for students with learning challenges, and honors-level options for those wishing a more rigorous home study experience and an honors designation on their transcript.


Honors Track: Students opting for the honors track will be provided two additional home study projects per semester. These projects may include additional reading and research, a comprehensive report, and/or class presentation.


Students 14+ (8th grade) are welcome to join any of our high school classes, keeping in mind that instruction will be offered at the level customary for each class. Younger students must be developmentally and academically ready for the classes they attend. We serve neurotypical students and students with specific academic learning challenges such as anxiety, dyslexia, hyperlexia, dysgraphia. We provide individual accommodations that empower students to succeed academically, across all subjects. We are not equipped to enroll students with significant learning delays, behavioral challenges, or disruptive tendencies.


We will provide a report card for all students. Families will have the option to receive grades or a pass/fail. For those wanting an accredited transcript, we pair with a local transcript service who is accredited through the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC). We will provide all course documentation to the service for courses taken through EdVentures. While not necessary, an accredited transcript offers several benefits, the most important one being immediate access to HOPE funding upon graduation without the need for an SAT. College-bound students are advised to select the graded option as grades are necessary to calculate the GPA. 

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